Yukon Government

Within the territorial government, there are seven departments with responsibilities for Yukon waters.


Develops water-related strategic plans and policies, monitors, analyzes, and reports on water quality (i.e., aquatic health) and quantity (e.g., flood forecasting) and provides expert technical advice in these areas. Enforces the Waters Act and ensures compliance with water licences and for water-retaining structures (Water Resources Branch). Other Environment responsibilities with respect to water management include the review of project applications for water use and the deposit of waste, monitoring of permittee groundwater sampling requirements for solid waste disposal sites (Environmental Programs Branch), park planning and operations (Parks Branch), and freshwater fish and fish habitat management (Fish and Wildlife Branch).

Energy, Mines and Resources

Responsible for protecting water resources in relation to placer mining and one large operating quartz mine (Client Services and Inspections). It is also indirectly accountable through its mandate for managing minerals (Minerals Branch), abandoned mines (Assessment and Abandoned Mines), lands (Lands Branch), oil and gas (Oil and Gas Resources Branch), energy (Energy Solutions Centre), agriculture (Agriculture Branch), forest resources (Forest Management Branch), and regional land use planning.

Community Services

Builds and manages water, sewerage, road works, flood and erosion control, and solid waste disposal projects for unincorporated Yukon communities. It also provides advice and project assistance to municipalities and Yukon First Nations (Community Development Division).

Health and Social Services

Regulates drinking water in Yukon through the Drinking Water Regulation under the Public Health and Safety Act. Provides information and advice, and performs inspection and enforcement in a variety of areas, including drinking water quality, sewage disposal, food service, institutions, and child care facilities (Environmental Health Services).

Executive Council Office

Responsible for administering the water licensing process and supporting the Yukon Water Board (Yukon Water Board Secretariat).

Highways and Public Works

Ensures safety and comfort in Yukon government buildings and, as such, provides potable water and sewage disposal (Property Management Agency).

Economic Development

Economic Development works with other departments to ensure that water remains useable and accessible to Yukon's private sector, from eco-tourism operators to placer miners.