Numerous monitoring networks and data collection programs gather information on Yukon's water resources.

There are currently 20 networks available on the Water Data Catalogue. Other networks that have not been identified, but not yet included are: Yukon Water Well Registry, Biomonitoring Information System for the Yukon, YCSI Contaminated Sites, Yukon Government Fisheries Database, Environment Canada Water Quality Holdings, Water Monitoring at Type II abandoned mines, Property Management Drinking Water Database, Monitoring of Freshwater Salmon Migration Habitat, MMER Proponent Reporting Requirements, and Community Services Drinking Water Database. To get data and information from these networks, contact the agency directly.

Aquatic Health

BISY Biomonitoring Information System for the Yukon

CABIN Canadian Aquatic Biomonitoring Network

EMFTR Ecological Monitoring of Freshwater Thermal Regimes

MCMP Michie Creek Monitoring Project

MFRSMH Monitoring of Freshwater Salmon Migration Habitat

YGFD Yukon Government Fisheries Database


ALN Active Layer Network

CMN Canadian Meteorological Network

CSWN Community Services Weather Network

CYHN Canada-Yukon Hydrometric Network

WRMN Water Resources Meteorological Network

YHN Yukon Hydrometric Network

YOWN Yukon Observation Well Network

YSSN Yukon Snow Survey Network

YWWR Yukon Water Well Registry

Water Quality

ABANDMINES Water Monitoring at Type II Abandoned Mines

CMI Placer Water Quality Objectives Monitoring

CSDW Community Services Drinking Water Database

DWQT Drinking Water Quality Testing

ECWQ Environment Canada Water Quality Holdings

IONWP Indigenous Observation Network - Water Project

MMER MMER Proponent Reporting Requirements

PMDW Property Management Drinking Water Database

PWSP Peel Watershed Water Quality Sampling Special Project

PYWQMP Pacific Yukon Water Quality Monitoring Program

SWDFM Solid Waste Disposal Facilities Monitoring

WLWQ Water Licence Water Quality

WRGM Water Resources Groundwater Monitoring

WRSQM Water Resources Surface Water Quality Monitoring

YCSI Contaminated Sites