Network Details

* Sites for this network are not yet included in the Water Data Catalogue

Network Type

Aquatic Health


Government of Canada
Environment Canada - Environmental Protection Operations Division

Program objectives and description

To collect aquatic biological data and gather historical data and information from both published and unpublished sources. BISY currently holds data records from more than 400 drainages in Yukon and portions of Northern British Columbia, representing more than 2700 unique site visits.

Sampling Information

Number of sites: 2732 unique site visits

Parameter measured: Aquatic Organisms - Invertebrates, Aquatic Organisms - Other, Water Chemistry - Organics, Water Chemistry - Inorganics, Water Chemistry - Nutrients, Water Chemistry - Metals, Water Chemistry - Physical, Sediment Chemistry - Organics, Sediment Chemistry - Inorganics, Sediment Chemistry - Nutrients, Sediment Chemistry - Metals, Sediment Chemistry - Other

Period of record: 1973 to present

Sampling frequencies: Site dependant

Data availability: Available upon request.

Contact Information

Name: Doug Davidge

Address: 91782 Alaska Highway, Whitehorse, Yukon Y1A 5B7

Phone: 1-867-667-3409

Fax: 1-867-667-7962