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Government of Yukon
Environment Yukon - Water Resources Branch

Program objectives and description

To collect meteorological data in support of the Yukon Streamflow Forecasting Program. The current meteorological network includes stations collecting a variety of meteorological and snow pillow data. Three of the meteorological stations were established in 1993 at different elevations within the Wolf Creek Research Basin to provide baseline data for the Wolf Creek Research Basin project.

Sampling Information

Number of sites: 13 total sites, 8 active sites

Parameter measured: Meteorological - Humidity, Meteorological - Other, Snowpack - Other, Meteorological - Precipitation, Snowpack - Snow depth, Snowpack - Snow water equivalent, Meteorological - Temperature, Meteorological - Wind

Period of record: 1986 to present

Sampling frequencies: Continuous, Continuous Seasonal, Real time

Data availability: Data requests can be made to Water Resources Branch.

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Contact Information

Name: Benoit Turcotte

Address: PO Box 2703 (V-310) Whitehorse YT Y1A 2C6

Phone: 1-867-667-3223

Fax: 1-867-667-3195