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Aquatic Health


Government of Canada
Environment Canada - Freshwater Quality Monitoring & Surveillance

Other Agencies Involved

Department of Fisheries and Oceans; Environment Yukon, Fish and Wildlife Branch; Yukon Placer Secretariat; University of Western Ontario

Program objectives and description

To provide a series of standardized protocols to collect, measure, and report on benthic invertebrates, and physical and chemical habitat parameters. CABIN supports a network of networks to establish a shared online database where information on the biological health of freshwater systems in Canada can be stored and analyzed by all CABIN users. Through a website, users can enter, share, and access comparable data in a standardized way. CABIN also provides a suite of analytical tools for users to make meaning of the data they enter. Of particular note is the ability to use predictive models based on reference data collected by users to ascertain whether human activities are having an impact on the aquatic environment. Data from more than 350 Yukon sites have been collated to create a Yukon River Basin Model used by researchers and by government agencies as part of Aquatic Health Monitoring under the Fish Habitat Management System for Yukon Placer Mining.

Sampling Information

Number of sites: 446 total sites, 139 active sites

Parameter measured: Water chemistry - Inorganics, Aquatic organisms - Invertebrates, Water chemistry - Metals, Water chemistry - Nutrients, Water chemistry - Organics, Aquatic organisms - Other, Hydrological - Other, Water chemistry - Physical

Period of record: 2004 to present

Sampling frequencies: Infrequently, One time

Data availability: The CABIN database is password protected. To gain access to the database, training is required, see the training page or contact CABIN for more information.

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Name: Stephanie Strachan

Address: 201 - 401 Burrard St. Vancouver, British Columbia V6C 3S5 Whitehorse YT Y1A 2C6

Phone: 1-604-664-4099

Fax: 1-604-664-9126