March 22 - World Water Day

March 22, 2017

UN World Water Day and Canada Water Week are annual events held each March to raise water awareness across the globe. This year’s World Water Day theme is ‘Wastewater’. Over 663 million people currently live without a safe water supply, and by 2030 global demand for water is expected to grow by 50%. Learn more at

This week also marks Canada Water Week with the theme ‘Healthy Rivers, Living Lakes’. As part of this year’s water week activities, 75 classroom visits are scheduled from March through May to educate Yukon students on topics such as snow, water quality, watersheds and topography, bacteria in water, and water properties. The school visits are being provided by subject experts from the Water Resources Branch, Yukon Geological Survey, and Environmental Health. Schools from 7 different Yukon communities have signed up to date, covering students from all grades K-12.