Yukon Water Strategy and Action Plan: Implementation

July 2016: Year Two Highlights 
July 2015: Year One Highlights 

Implementation Highlights Year 2

Implementation of the Yukon Water Strategy and Action Plan involves seven different departments within Yukon government. These departments have begun working together and will continue working together to fulfill the actions within the strategy. Yukon government will also work with appropriate partners from other governments, non-government organizations, as well as the business and academic communities.

The government is investing $3.35 million over three years on several different projects. Some projects to highlight include:

  • Enhancing and formalizing Yukon's groundwater program.

  • Expanding the hydrometric monitoring network.

  • Expanding the water quality monitoring network.

  • Formalizing a community-based monitoring network.

To learn more about the planned water monitoring network expansion, view the maps below. These maps show both the current and planned water monitoring station locations. We anticipate that the exact location and timing of station installation may vary over the course of the 3-year implementation time frame due to potential logistical challenges.