Yukon Water Strategy and Action Plan: Implementation

June 2017: Year Three Highlights 
July 2016: Year Two Highlights 
July 2015: Year One Highlights 



Six departments within Yukon government are involved in implementing the Yukon Water Strategy and Action Plan and are executing a detailed activity plan. Yukon government is also working with partners from other governments, non-government organizations, as well as the business and academic communities.

The government is investing $3.35 million over three years on several projects, such as:

  • Enhancing and formalizing Yukon's groundwater program.
  • Expanding the hydrometric monitoring network.
  • Expanding the water quality monitoring network.
  • Formalizing a community-based monitoring network.

To learn more about the planned water monitoring network expansion, view the maps below. These maps show both the current and planned water monitoring station locations.