Yukon Water Strategy: Priorities
Yukon Water Strategy and Action Plan represents opinions and input from a wide range of agencies and people who manage or have an interest in Yukon's water resources. Yukon government (YG) employed a collaborative and inclusive process to develop the strategy that drew upon input received from Federal, First Nation, and Municipal Governments, NGOs, communities, boards, water researchers, consultants, the business community, and individual Yukoners. 

As detailed on the Yukon Water Strategy page, YG is committed to taking over 50 actions that fall under 6 priority areas. The following pages will be created to provide updates as YG achieves progress in meeting the commitments specified under each priority area:

In five years, YG plans to publish a progress report on the actions it is taking in these priority areas. The Yukon Water Strategy and Action Plan is working to sustain the quality, quantity and health of Yukon water.