About Us

We are a nonprofit organization dedicated to monitoring water conditions in the Yukon River basin.


Towards this end, we collect and process water data, as well as write reports on water issues. We are just in the phase of implementing the Urban Water Management Plan.

Our main project is monitoring the waters, which contain most of the Yukon watershed and much of the territory’s drinking water. We collect weekly data on water levels and conduct visual inspections of key sites. We also monitor stream temperatures for whole-river thermal restoration projects.

In this regard, tests are conducted in several locations throughout the year. All of this is done with the help of multiple stations along the river, which periodically sample, measure, and monitor water quality. This involves running instruments in the rivers taking measurements of turbidity, nutrients, oxygen levels and more.

We use inexpensive and logistically simple methods. They have been developed by our staff, as well as valuable expertise from partnering agencies.