Network Details

* Sites for this network are not yet included in the Water Data Catalogue

Network Type

Aquatic Health


Government of Yukon
Environment Yukon - Fish and Wildlife Branch

Program objectives and description

To document and track fisheries-related data collected by Yukon Environment. The database contains biological data on fish and some physical and chemical data for select lakes and streams in Yukon. Source material is departmental or scientific reports and documentation for all freshwater aquatic systems containing fish species.

Sampling Information

Number of sites: information not available

Parameter measured: Aquatic Organisms - Fish, Aquatic Organisms - Invertebrates, Aquatic Organisms - Other, Water Chemistry - Physical, Water Chemistry - Nutrients

Period of record: 1990s to present

Sampling frequencies: Site dependant

Data availability: Internal Government of Yukon database.

Contact Information

Name: Nathan Millar

Address: PO Box 2703 (V-5A) Whitehorse YT Y1A 2C6

Phone: 1-867-667-5117

Fax: 1-867-393-6263