Promote the Sustainable Use of Water

There are many benefits of using water more efficiently. Efficient water use helps to maintain the integrity of aquifers and surface water systems, while lowering costs for water users, providers, and taxpayers. Accordingly, sustainable water use has been identified as a priority area in the Yukon Water Strategy and Action Plan. Sustainable water use is an important step towards ensuring that sufficient water is available to meet the needs of both people and nature.
How is the Yukon government promoting sustainable water use?

Yukon government (YG) is taking steps to promote sustainable and efficient water use practices. YG is demonstrating this commitment by providing guidance and advice to water users, such as the promotion and communication of Best Management Practices to water users (e.g. Best Management Practices for Works Affecting Water in Yukon – PDF 5.6 MB). YG is also exploring ways to better understand and receive water data pertaining to the fluctuations in use by licensed water users. By doing so, YG will be better positioned to provide practical tips on wise water use and to encourage the use of innovative technology in areas where there is room for improvement.

See the Yukon Water Strategy and Action Plan (English / Français – PDF 5.7 MB) to learn more about the actions YG is taking to promote the sustainable use of water.